Back At It

by Matt on June 24, 2014

Hello and happy Tuesday!

Is it me or is it always awkward starting a new post? I never know how to get things going.

Let’s skip the weirdness and jump into today’s run! Yesterday, I had a rest day on the schedule and it was glorious. A lot times I do some light cross-training on rest days, but yesterday, I just felt like I needed to sleep in and recharge mentally and physically. It really helps to have that every once and awhile!

I really do need to work on getting to bed earlier though. Even with sleeping in, I still only managed about 8 hours or sleep. I feel my best when I get 8-9 hours each night, but that almost never happens. Most nights it’s more like 7 or 7.5 at the most. That’s what weekend naps are for right?

Anyways, it wasn’t too hard to get out of bed this morning since I was really looking forward to my first fast run of marathon training. On the schedule, I had 9 miles with 4 at goal marathon pace, which for me is ~7:03.

6.24.14 Run

I have a really fun 10 mile loop that I do at least once a week, so I decided to run that route and pick it up for the last few miles. I was only a few seconds off goal pace for each mile, so I’ll mark this workout down as a success.

6.24.14 Mile Splits

I think this is the first time that I’ve run that fast since I’ve started training. I’ve been running a lot slower lately, which I think is a good thing. I tend to do a lot of my runs too fast, so slowing my easy miles down to ~8:00 or so has really helped me feel less worn out. I could probably slow them down a little more, but we’ll see what happens and how I’m feeling as training progresses.

Do you ever run too fast? What has helped you slow down?


Would You Rather…

by Matt on June 23, 2014

Good Afternoon and happy Monday!

I know Monday’s kind of suck, but I hope everyone is having a good one. Since I don’t really have much going on today, I thought I would participate in a survey I stumbled upon on Amanda’s Blog.

Here we go!

Speak another language or get a higher degree?

This one is tough, but I think I would rather have a higher degree. English is really the only language that I’ve needed so far in my life, but I’ve been wanting to go back to school to get my MBA. Russian or German would be a cool language to learn though.

Have a beautiful singing voice or be a fantastic dancer?

Beautiful singing voice. I don’t dance well… Nor has it ever been something that I’ve found enjoyable.

Be a CEO of a huge company or run your own small business?

My own small business. It’s always been a dream of mine!

Fly like a bird or teleport?

Teleporting would be awesome. Imagine being able to work a normal day, but have dinner in Italy. That would be super cool. Plus, it would save me a fortune on travel expenses.

Eat only sweet food or only salty food for the rest of your life?

I bet I’m the odd man out on this one, but salty. A life without bacon is not a life worth living!


Do yoga or lift weights?

Lift weights, although I am far from a body builder. I’ve just never had an interest in doing yoga.

Be a SUPER fast runner be SUPER strong? Super fast. Duh!

Have 8 kids or no kids? No kids. I’m not ever sure if I want kids right now, so none is better than too many!

Have a small, older home with character or design a big brand new home?

Design a big, brand new home. I’ve always been one to like having the latest and greatest, plus I think it would be cool to design a home and make it exactly the way I want it to be.

Watch the Today Show or Good Morning America?

I don’t watch either, so I don’t really have an opinion on this one.

Watch only sports or watch only BRAVO?

Probably Bravo so I can watch Top Chef!

Cook a romantic dinner at home or go to the nicest restaurant in town?

This is tough, but a romantic dinner at home. Most of the time, I prefer to cook rather than going out since it can get really expensive. I only go out when it is with friends/family.

Drink beer or wine?


Eat cookies or eat cake?



Have only brothers or have only sisters? \

Only sisters. I have a feeling there would be less drama + fighting.

Go to Africa or Asia?

Asia. I’ve always wanted to go to Japan and Thailand.

Eat sweet potato fries or regular fries?

Regular fries. I like sweet potatoes a lot, but there is nothing better than a loaded baked potato or parmesan truffle fries. Mmmm…

Own an SUV or a sports car?

A sports car. I already have one :)

Have a personal chef or a personal trainer?

A personal chef would be so cool! I don’t need someone to design an exercise routine for me. I think I can handle that on my own.

Sleep for 9 hours every night but no coffee, or sleep for 6 hours a night and have coffee?

Sleep 9 hours every night. I’ve actually been limiting my coffee intake quite a bit and I feel a lot better. Getting enough sleep though? That rarely happens during the week!

Read a book or watch a movie?

Definitely watch a movie! I read about 1-2 books a year.

Live on the east coast or west coast?

East coast. NYC is favorite city to visit.

Have your toenails painted or your fingernails painted?


Go to the beach or the mountains?

Definitely the mountains. I actually don’t care much for the beach, mainly because sand drives me crazy. Well, anything with dirt drives me crazy…

Feel free to answer a few of the questions in the comments section!

I’ll be back soon with some running stuff :)


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